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Welcome to the primary section of Aduvie International School where our first concern is to ensure that your child settles happily and derives maximum pleasure from school work. We admit children into Years 1 – 6. Aduvie primary section is an inclusive school and our team of experienced and committed teachers are happy to work with your child to help them in setting the stage towards fulfilling their life-long dreams. 
We offer a rich blend of both British and the Nigerian National curriculums. This integrated curriculum ensures that your children get the best, in terms of quality education to prepare them for 21st century leadership roles. Our subjects include English language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Civic Education, ICT, French, Nigerian Languages (Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba), Physical Health Education, Creative Art, Music, Christian Religious Studies (CRS), and Islamic Religious Studies (IRS). Each student chooses a Nigerian language and opts for either CRS or IRS. The school uses the International Baccalaureate (PYP) ideology in certain aspects of teaching and learning. The Section has very high expectations of its learners in terms of reading, writing and reasoning. In line with its mission statement about meeting every child’s learning needs, AIS keeps a state of the art learning environment tailored towards various learning styles. The primary section is located on the first and second floors of the nursery and primary wing. Classrooms are designed exclusively for safety, comfort and maximum learning. Each classroom is therefore well lit, spacious and organised. Children are able to easily take ownership of their classroom.  
We also teach phonics, mental math, handwriting, spelling, verbal and quantitative reasoning both as separate entities and as inclusive aspects of various subjects.  
Other learning facilities include a well-furnished art room, science room, ICT suite and music room. The school runs a special education programme for children living with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome etc. This programme is managed by special eds. teachers. Afterschool Programme  
The school also runs an afterschool session which is recommended for all learners. Afterschool activities include both taught-ahead and reinforcement lessons, homework, ICT, music, art, outdoor games and film shows. The session begins at 2:30pm and ends at 5:00pm. Parents who work late may take advantage of the school’s afterschool programme. The programme also offers an avenue to provide one-on-one attention for learners who might require such help. Afterschool is charged at an extra fee and compulsory for all Year 5 and 6 learners.  
Our team of staff comprises an array of rich cultural diversities. AIS teachers are fully qualified and experienced. The school uses a continuing professional development (CPD) approach to enhance the quality of its staff. To this end, teachers meet on Fridays in manageable groups for customised workshops. The outcome of these workshops is a teaching faculty that uses child-centred approaches to maximise the quality of teaching and learning in every classroom.  
Our parents also contribute actively to school-life in various ways. For instance, the Section has had the honour of hosting several of her parents during such activities as ‘My mum reads’, ‘My dad inspires’, Career Day’ etc.  
Extracurricular activities  
In addition to the facilities mentioned already, Aduvie boasts of state of the art cafeteria, gymnasium, football field and various indoor areas where children can both eat and play during lunch time. Some of the extracurricular activities available at Aduvie include karate, table tennis, swimming, dance, music and language clubs such mandarin and Spanish.