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Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing Aduvie International School for your child/ward. The application form into our Secondary School costs N5,000 and can be purchased from Aduvie International School Admin Office. Application form will only be sold to parents whose child/ward meets the school’s age requirement.

Students seeking admission into the following Year Group at the start of a school year in September must reach the required age by 31 August in that same year. The required age is:

  • Crèche – The child should be three months to one year six months.
  • Pre-K One Ruby (playgroup) – The child should be one year and six months old as at August.
  • Pre-K Two Sapphire – The child should be two years and six months old as at August.
  • K-Emerald – The child should be three years and six months old as at August.
  • K- Tanzanite – The child should be four years and six months old as at August.
  • Year One – The child should be five years and six months old as at August.
  • Year Two – The child should be six years and six months old as at August.
  • Year Three -The child should be seven years and six months old as at August.
  • Year Four – The child should be eight years and six months old as at August.
  • Year Five – The child should be at least nine years as at August.
  • Year Six – The child should be nine years and six months old as at August.
  • Year Seven – The child should be ten years old as at August.
  • Year Eight – The child should be eleven years old as at August.
  • Year Nine – The child should be twelve years old as at August.
  • Year Ten – The child should be thirteen years old as at August.
  • Year Eleven – The child should be fourteen years old as at August.
  • Year Twelve – The child should be fifteen years old as at August.

Most children are sixteen years of age on the average at the point of graduation from the secondary school.

Please Note: Children who do not meet the age entry requirements will not be permitted to sit the entrance examination.

For the purpose of proper documentation and effective record keeping, it is important that you fill in the application form completely and correctly.

The form should be completed by the parent or guardian and duly signed and NOT by the child. Please state your child’s or ward’s name and surname as you want them to appear on all his or her school records.

The names supplied follow the child all through his/her stay at Aduvie International School and appears on his/her reports and certificates

Ensure that the e-mail address given is active to facilitate communication.

Attach four recent passport-sized photograph, photocopies of immediate past academic records(past two academic years), bio-data page of the international passport or birth certificate. If your child is transferring to Aduvie from another School, please attach the Transfer Certificate and reference from the Principal of that school to the application. The duly completed application form should be returned to the school’s Administrative Office.

The Admissions Office will thereafter advise you of the dates available to sit our Entrance test.

  • Completed Registration Form.
  • Immediate Past Academic Records, for the past two years result for Secondary and Primary admissions and past one year result for Nursery admission.
  • A copy of child’s birth certificate / Data page of International Passport
  • Four recent coloured passport photograph of the child.
  • English translated past academic records (Non-English speaking schools).
  • Medical report (Duly signed)
  • Immunization records (Admissions into Nursery)
  • Photocopy of parent’s identity card
  • Two passport photograph of parent


  • Completed Registration Form.
  • All applicants will be required to sit the School’s Placement Test which lasts forty five minutes for nursery and primary school students and for two and half hours for students seating for the secondary school placement test. The School will administer a levelled placement test to all applicants in order to identify their preparedness level in the area of Language, Mathematics and General Paper (a combination of Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge) or a particular course such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, ICT, Marketing etc., as the case may be in the higher classes of the Secondary School. The Test serves a dual purpose: diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses in the applicant’s skills and provision of data in order to determine next actions in terms of meeting entrance requirements into the level for which the applicant aspires. In cases where the applicant does not meet the entrance requirements into the desired level, he or she may be asked to retake the test after being given more time to study or to seek admission into a lower level.
  • Candidates should come along with writing materials
  • Marking & grading of tests depends on the class to which the child is seeking admission into.
  • Entrance tests are held every Friday from 9:00am to 12noon in Abuja. Additional testing sessions are offered at a later date subject to availability of space.


A short interview is held for candidates who passed the placement test and his or her parent(s)/guardian(s). The purpose of this interview is to allow for the candidate to express him/herself in a semi-formal setting in order to determine his/her communication ability, personality traits and background information and allow for clarification of expectations on the part of both the family of the applicant and the School.

The School reserves the right to decline admission for applicants in cases where the School lacks the facilities and manpower required to cater for the needs of the learner, or where it is clear that such admission will be detrimental to his or her health and wellbeing.

Aduvie International School’s academic year starts in September and ends in July. We encourage applicants to apply as early as possible. Application for admission will only be processed when all necessary documents as listed in the application form are received.

Once admission has been offered, acceptance is indicated by the payment of a NON-REFUNDABLE acceptance fee of N100,000 which is part of the school fees.

Once acceptance fee is paid parents of successful candidates are to read the Parents Handbook, fill all registration forms attached to the handbook and submit same to the front desk office before school fees is paid.


The following are forms which should be gotten from the front desk office or printed from the school website:

  • Student Personal Information form
  • Student Exit slip( boarders only)
  • Aduvie Athletic code of conduct
  • Aduvie International School laptop and Internet use policy
  • Aduvie Parent undertaking
  • Aduvie Student undertaking


The following are forms which should be gotten from the front desk office or printed from the school website:

  • Student Personal Information form
  • Aduvie Athletic code of conduct (for Year 4-6)
  • Aduvie International School laptop and Internet use policy (all children offering computer studies)
  • Aduvie Parent undertaking

For further inquiries please contact us on 08089394474.

Thank you.

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