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Aduvie International School is partnered with technology industry giant Microsoft in the IT Academy Program.

The Microsoft IT Academy Program provides students who have basic computer skills, with a working knowledge of an operating system, and an in-depth experience with the Microsoft Office Suite.

The mastery of materials presented in these courses prepares the student to take the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) industry certification examinations in Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. The courses provide a solid practical understanding of the Microsoft Office programs.

Aduvie International School has taken this laudable step to ensure that students graduate from secondary school globally competitive for post-secondary education by offering industry-recognised credentials such as that of Microsoft Office Specialist.

The credentials make a difference for Aduvie School students by:

  • Preparing students for the IGCSE ICT Examination
  • Validating knowledge of ICT skill attainment
  • Increasing student confidence
  • Often means higher earning potential
  • Opening the door for networking in a career field
  • Setting students apart from the competition.

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